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>My impression is that Gallagher airs live from 9:00AM to noon Eastern. I
>think WTTT carries that part of Salem's lineup live. Bennet 6-9, Gallagher
>9-12, Prager 12-3, Hewitt 3-6. Dunno who follows Hewitt or whether or not
>WTTT carries that show live. Somewhere in the mix is Laura Schlessinger who
>may or may not even be on WTTT. I'm pretty sure she's on WROL at night. I'm
>continually amused by the fact that, if WROL ever gets a CP to build its 5
>kW night facilities, one of the few places that will get a great signal will
>be Provincetown. Nothing like beaming Dr Laura across that clear salt-water
>path to her devoted fans in Provincetown ;>)

I thought that their original plan to switch COL to Reveah and add nighttime
service with just 1 kilowatt had expired.  Now, thanks to your post I
note they've submitted a new application for 5 kw at night just as 
you described it.  Hmmm...why bother since they fail to cut back to 95 watts
so often?  It seems to me that a radio station with a significant CP before
the Commission would be more careful...you wouldn't want an inspector 
imposing a hefty fine while the legal niceties are going up the food chain!
Going back in time,  it's strange that Carberry went to all the trouble of
putting a new signal on at 830 in Woostah rather than build out a 50 kw facility
for WROL.  WAGM in Presque Isle, ME went away and WROL already had an 
audience for its programming including the Irish Hit Parade and Soxas Rojas
during the summer!  Oh, and speaking of Presque Isle (would it become an ACTUAL
isle if the polar ice caps melt?) I see that WEGP-AM 1390  has revised its
CP from 50 kw to 25 kw...maybe they calculated the cost of a 50 kw transmitter and
figured improved coverage in the Northern Maine wilderness would  not yield much
advertising revenue.

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