WRKO lineup mystery

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Thu Jan 4 11:35:33 EST 2007

I went to the WRKO "Program Schedule" page and found that it now says To Be Announced from 5-6 am  (had been
reruns of shows), 9-noon (DePetro's old slot), and now 7-10 pm as well! (With Savage listed at 10 pm) Todd
Feinburg is still listed as doing a show on weekends (his nationally syndicated one). When you go to
the links on the left you'll see Feinburg listed as a talk host under Howie Carr, but when you click
the link his page comes up and it simply says he's on weekends (not daily).

Speculation time: now that Tom Finneran may be available (said to be pleading guilty to perjury charges
and will serve no jail time, just pay a fine and be under probation) is it possible he's headed to
that morning slot? DePetro's site says a "big announcement is coming"--am guessing he's headed
to 'HJJ in Providence, but would 'RKO actually be bringing him back? (In related news, Donald
Trump is marrying Rosie O'Donnell and Red Sox bleacher seats are being marked down to $2 each...)

What about Glenn Beck or Stephanie Miller in that 9 am slot? Is Jerry Doyle being added to nights
or not? 

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