Mike Gallgher

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My impression is that Gallagher airs live from 9:00AM to noon Eastern. I
think WTTT carries that part of Salem's lineup live. Bennet 6-9, Gallagher
9-12, Prager 12-3, Hewitt 3-6. Dunno who follows Hewitt or whether or not
WTTT carries that show live. Somewhere in the mix is Laura Schlessinger who
may or may not even be on WTTT. I'm pretty sure she's on WROL at night. I'm
continually amused by the fact that, if WROL ever gets a CP to build its 5
kW night facilities, one of the few places that will get a great signal will
be Provincetown. Nothing like beaming Dr Laura across that clear salt-water
path to her devoted fans in Provincetown ;>)


Dan Strassberg
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> When does Mike Gallgher air live?  I listen between
> noon and 3 on WLOB and it seems really choppy.
> Especially around callers.  Is this post live editing,
> or does he consistantly hit the dump button?
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