[B-R-I] Re: Herald: WTKK lineup changes

Laurence Glavin lglavin@mail.com
Wed Jan 3 11:46:02 EST 2007

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"Kaimbridge M. GoldChild" wrote:

>> Maybe they can pick up "Dr. Dean Edel" for 12-1am (I don't think
'RKO still actively carries him)?
Personally, I'd rather hear "Lionel" from 10pm-1am! P=)

>There's an effort to bring prog talk back to Boston, but I wonder if
>some fans of libtalk tried to contact WRKO or WTKK to pitch the idea of
>carrying one or two shows, even if tape delayed; Steph Miller or
>Ed Schultz from Jones, or Thom Hartmann from AAR. 'RKO could have
>put one of them on tape delay at 7 pm (when no sports) or 10 pm
>or even Miller live at 9 am. 

You are undoubtedly a brilliant man because these were EXACTLY my thoughts
when I read about the changes at 'RKO and 969 FM Talk.  It gives you
an idea of how bankrupt the, um, "brain trussed" at WRKO are by their
act of putting a third-rate right-wing clone on instead of grabbing a
chance to put a tape-delayed "Stephanie Miller" on at 10:00 pm before
somebody else grabs her (figureatively speaking).

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