[B-R-I] Re: Herald: WTKK lineup changes

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Wed Jan 3 12:05:16 EST 2007

Laurence Glavin wrote:

>>You are undoubtedly a brilliant man because these were EXACTLY my thoughts
when I read about the changes at 'RKO and 969 FM Talk.  It gives you
an idea of how bankrupt the, um, "brain trussed" at WRKO are by their
act of putting a third-rate right-wing clone on instead of grabbing a
chance to put a tape-delayed "Stephanie Miller" on at 10:00 pm before
somebody else grabs her (figureatively speaking).

Right. Usually I don't listen to Savage except maybe in short doses...
(Only potential drawback to putting Miller on at 10 would be the
same thing that would happen if they put tape delayed Beck on at that
hour: talk that's 13 hours old. Something important could have broken
in the news since then, and either delayed-Miller or delayed-Beck
would be talking about "old news".)

By the way, the Globe mentions the WTKK lineup changes and has a quote
from their Phil Redo about the importance of local shows in a talk lineup
for "terrestrial radio". Number of weekday local shows that aired on
1200 & 1430 during the just over 2 years of the prog talk format? Zero.
(also WTTT has no local shows though IIRC they had Don Feder on mornings


As for 'RKO their main focus, if the constantly run promos are any
indication, is: "IT'S GONE! BIG PAPI STRIKES AGAIN!" Whatever talk
shows are to air on the nights when there isn't baseball (or hoops) is
not as important to them, I'd guess...

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