Gary LaPierre Wraps Up 42 Years At WBZ

Doug Drown
Mon Jan 1 11:33:06 EST 2007

WNAC became WRKO in March 1967.  It was RKO General's decision to close down
the Yankee Network at the time of the format/call change, probably because
its programming was incompatible with what the management had in mind for
WRKO.  (Do you remember the days when it was rare for Top 40 stations to be
CBS affiliates?  Same thing.)


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> Donna Halper wrote:
> >  And what about the old Yankee Network-- I have their
> > sounder:  "News while it IS news, the Yankee Network is on the
> > air," and I think a few old newscasts are out there somewhere...
> I'm sure this has been asked (and answered) before, but when did the
> Yankee network close up shop?  The last I recall hearing them was
> late '66/early '67 though it may have lasted longer.
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