A Broadcast TV License May Be Worth Something After All

Lou lspin@comcast.net
Tue Feb 27 16:38:35 EST 2007

I was watching/recording the Chronicle Show from SDTV and saw the weird
block-pixelation, too.  But I didn't think it was all that distracting from
the program content.

I've just purchased my first HDTV this week (the Sony 40" 720p LCD), and was
planning to sign up for Comcast HD.  Should I assume from the comments here
that it's still worth the sign-up and monthly charge?


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Interesting, I saw exactly the same pixelation and echoing sound early into
the program.  I tried stopping the DVR recording, because I think the settop
box frequently gets overloaded and really fouls up the live rewind/fast
forward functions.  (It doesn't lose them, it just takes 15 seconds to
each.)  Never heard that echoing (repeating 100+/- msec chunks of audio
for a few seconds) before.

I have Comcast in Boscawen NH.  Either a Comcast issue or perhaps WCVB was
sending bad signal.  Did any HD viewers _not_ see the problem?

	-Ric Werme

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