"Dapper" O'Neil Sings

Russ Butler songbook2@comcast.net
Tue Feb 27 15:18:04 EST 2007

Since there is recent interest in the "Chronicle" of early Boston radio 
on this list, I thought that all of you Boston history fans would like 
to know that BostonPete.com has a CD for sale of the legendary 
politician, Dapper O'Neil - - - singing!!  Here's a review and the link 
to the Boston Pete.com Store.  Say, it's just in time to order for 
St=Pat's Day festivities, isn't it!!  =Russ Butler

"Dapper", in the truest sense of Boston politics, follows in the 
footsteps of his old friend, Mayor James Michael Curley. Albert L. 
"Dapper" O'Neil has always been a Voice of the people, and now his voice 
bellows out on these recordings as never before. 


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