Globe: 99.7 pirate in Boston squelching WCRB

Laurence Glavin
Thu Feb 15 14:46:46 EST 2007

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>Subject: Globe: 99.7 pirate in Boston squelching WCRB
>Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 13:56:27 -0500

>Bad enough that 99.5 may not be as easily received as 102.5 for 
>some folks, but classical fans in some parts of
>Boston are getting a pirate station at 99.7 causing interference!
> posted a link to that URL earlier, and their comments page
has two entries dealing with the pirate problem, including a link
to a listing of pirate stations in the area.  It can be read at: is an interesting site to visit because it often contains 
allusions to the radio business by "civilians".

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