Globe: 99.7 pirate in Boston squelching WCRB

Bob Nelson
Thu Feb 15 13:56:27 EST 2007

Bad enough that 99.5 may not be as easily received as 102.5 for some folks, but classical fans in some parts of
Boston are getting a pirate station at 99.7 causing interference!

The PD of WCRB says in a reply to the listener that they've contacted the FCC. I'd think the fact
that the pirate is only .2 MHz away from the legit station would lead to fast action (the 102.9
and 106.1 pirates are further away from Boston-area stations, though the 106.1 is on same
freq as WCOD from the Cape). Getting a complaint from a listener who lives in the area
of the pirate AND a complaint from a licensed station should help too, I'd think...

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