Choice 102.9 hit with $10K fine

Laurence Glavin
Mon Feb 12 13:46:51 EST 2007

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Oh, and a reminder from north of Boston that there's still a
Spanish-language "religious" pirate operating on 99.9 in 
Lawrence.  When the existence of this station's operation
came up a few months ago, a reader of the B.R.I.G. posted
that the antenna apparently is in the area of Lawrence called Tower Hill...
it has nothing to do with any RADIO tower, but a historic brick 
water tower.  I was in that vicinity last week and it was still 
broadcasting and even laid some splatter over 100.1 but not 99.5
(I forget what's on that frequency). Because of 99.5 IBOC hash,
once you get just a mile or two from Tower Hill, the pirate 99.9
is overwelmed by the hash, so it's essentially a downtown Lawrence
signal only.  Lawrence isn't very big, but in the areas touching on
Andover and North Andover, you're probably too far away to get it clearly.
On  my home receivers it takes the touch of safecracker to orient my
antenna to tease it out of the background noise.

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