Choice 102.9 hit with $10K fine

Sid Schweiger
Sat Feb 10 18:00:01 EST 2007

>>Longtime pirate "Choice FM" has been issued a $10,000 fine by the FCC
for illegal operation.<<

The fine was actually issued almost a year ago.  This notice only
affirms it, saying that the station operator promised to send the FCC
reasons why he couldn't pay the fine, and failed to do so.

>>On its website, the station claims that it radiates 2,000 watts and
can reach 100 miles.<<

Neat trick, since most licensed FMs can't cover 100 miles with 2 kW.

>>Whether this deters the owner(s) of Choice FM and other pirates, it
probably won't...they'll be back for more illegal operations but maybe
this will make them think a bit...<<

First, the fine has to be collected, and it gets referred for collection
to the US Attorney...who has a few other things to do with his time as
well.  It's not going to happen anytime soon.  OTOH, not paying the fine
may give the FCC no alternative than to arrest both the operator and the
equipment (what's know legally as an "ad rem" arrest of the equipment,
similar to what police do with drug arrests...they confiscate anything,
like a car, used in a drug deal).

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