Infomercials on WCRB!?

Ron Bello
Tue Feb 6 21:09:48 EST 2007

WCRB 1330 am and 102.5 fm ran a paid infomercial on Sunday mornings at 11am
throughout to 1970s.  It was a church service from St Pauls on 
Tremont St in Boston.
WCRB stopped when the church stopped buying the time.

At 11:20 AM 2/5/2007, Ric Werme wrote:
>I accidentally had my clock radio armed for 0545 Sunday and woke to the
>non-melodious strains of a sale pitch for some dietary supplement.
>I left it on and verified that the legal ID said WCRB and later found
>that they had not completely changed their format from oft-played
>classical shorts.
> >From their playlist archive, note 2 hour gap:
>7:26 AM: STANLEY: Trumpet Voluntary, Opus 6 #5 (ens.; Burns, 
>Stephen, trumpet) ASV Records DCA-528
>5:26 AM: PUGNI: Pas de Quatre (finale #8) (Cincinnati Pops/Erich 
>Kunzel) Telarc Records 80625
>One half hour spot was from the local AGO (American Guild of Organists) which
>included a request for corporate sponsorship so that their 48 year presence
>on WCRB can continue.  I guess they had a free ride until the new owners
>decided that wasn't paying the bills.
>I don't think I ever heard an infomercial on radio before.  Does anyone
>know what a half hour of early Sunday AM time sells for?  Apparently
>I'm just behind the times, Google says there are hundreds and hundreds
>of thousands of pages referring to radio infomercial.  Ah, only 720 if
>I quote it.  A couple that might be worth following up:
>This goes to a lame AOL hosted page.
>This page is at least entertaining.  Fellow is incensed about a live sales
>pitch while stuck in traffic and goes to the radio station and buys time
>for his infomercials.  Or something like that.  If you can't beat 'em, join

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