WBZ-TV 4 rebranding

Bill O'Neill me@billoneill.us
Tue Feb 6 11:45:02 EST 2007

Brian Vita wrote:
> Its interesting that in the 60's and 70's, WBZ did such a fantastic 
> job of branding itself that it still sticks with me 40 years later.  
> Its unfortunate that some 20 something MBA felt the need to rebrand it 
> into yet another generic channel.
> Just my thoughts.

You nailed it in the sense that WBZ just happens to be an exception. I 
am sure that there are other markets where calls may dominate identity 
over dial position, but not too many.  Unfortunately, boilerplate 
approaches to imaging or marketing is par for the course when local 
control over such matters is diminished.  Multi-market corporations can 
still choose to strike the local branding balance but it's harder to do.

Bill O'Neill

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