Guy starts a LP station in Concord.

Don A
Mon Feb 5 01:39:27 EST 2007

> The board reported last year that over the last
> two-or-so years of Charlesa River "management", WCRB's revenues
> plummeted from $8.4 to $7.5 in general was
> flat, especially in Boston which tumbled out of the top-10
> markets...but still that mucho dinero.

Boston market revenue is down, and most (if not all) stations reported a 
decrease in revenue.

>>I am also going to guess that the WCRB formula provides for a
>>younger demo than KING-FM, which again would result in more revenue.
> I'm glad you used the word 'guess" (were you at the same time wearing
> Guess Jeans?);  on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" two weeks ago, in reaction
> to the Williamson turn WETA underwent, a composer/conductor named
> John Corigliano discussed introducing young people to "classical music"
> and he said unequivocally that modern music, such as Stravinsky (he gave 
> the
> example of "Rite of Spring", a piece selected by Walt Disney for his
> movie, or film, "Fantasia"), Bartok, Prokofiev etc made a much greater
> impression than earlier music, Mozart, Bach, Haydn.

Besides the composers, younger working people have much more hectic lives, 
and take their music is smaller 'bites', shorter attention spans, etc.

It's usually the older demo that has time to listen to longer peices. 

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