WBZ-TV 4 rebranding

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If it was such great branding, there should have been a bump in their
ratings when they re-branded as CBS4. Maybe there was such a bump, but
if so, I don't remember hearing about it. Did you hear about it? How
long after the re-branding was the effect noticeable. When did the
bump occur? Or maybe the great branding was just theoretically great
branding. I don't understand why they didn't re-re-brand as CBS4
WBZ-TV. I do not think that is too long for the public to remember or
deal with. As far as the public is concerned CBS is not three letters,
it's one brand. And similarly, WBZ-TV is not five letters and a
hyphen, it's one brand. The public can handle the idea of two brands
for one station.

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>>>If you are lucky enough to have heritage calls like that
> you can only hope to have heritage consultants who finally get it.<<
> Please.  The only people to whom TV station call signs matter,
> heritage
> or not, are the geeks and DXers.  Who do you know, outside the
> broadcasting business and the DX community who actually uses a TV
> stations' call sign for anything?
> CBS4 was almost perfect branding, and they should have left it
> alone.
> It was a dead-on reflection of how the average viewer uses
> television.
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