Infomercials on WCRB!?

Stephanie Weil
Mon Feb 5 13:01:12 EST 2007

On Mon, February 5, 2007 11:20, Ric Werme wrote:

> I don't think I ever heard an infomercial on radio before.

Wow.  That's amazing.  Here in New York, infomercials on the radio are a
BIG thing, since it's easy cash for radio stations.

Among the local stations that do them, on weekend daytimes and nighttimes:

WMCA-AM 57, WOR-710, WABC-77, WWDJ-97, WWRL-16, WADO-1280, WFNY-FM 92.3
and WPAT-FM 93.1

Note that I only listed stations that do normal talk programming (news or
religious, in the case of WMCA and WWDJ).

Then there are the leased-access stations that rent out their airtime 24/7
and you will find some infomercial programming in various languages,
including English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean...:

WSNR-62, WPAT-AM 93, WKDM-1380, WZRC-1480, WWRU-1660.

Instead of carrying the Friday night/Saturday morning Coast-to-Coast AM
show, WABC does informercial programming on Friday nights starting at 1

On weekends, the infomercials on WABC sometimes run into Art Bell's show
by a half hour and sometimes even an hour.   This usually happens when
sports programming pre-empts the infomercials.

Stephanie Weil
New York City, NY

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