WBZ-TV 4 rebranding

Michael E m1bz@hotmail.com
Sun Feb 4 18:14:46 EST 2007

The changeover (change back?) has been fitful and erratic.  They've been 
calling the newscast CBS 4, but having reporters lock out with WBZ News or 
some such version.

I wonder if they feared people would forget who they were had they dropped 
the CBS 4 name all at once back when the announcement was made?

I hope you can see me chuckling...

>From: "Bob Nelson" <raccoonradio@mail.com>
>To: "BostonRadio Mailing List" 
>Subject: WBZ-TV 4 rebranding
>Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2007 18:02:13 -0500
>As the Super Bowl starts, Ch 4 is launching its rumored rebranding. Those 
>soft-pedaled call letters are
>back in a big way. CBS4? No way, it's W-B-Z (each letter in a rectangle) 

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