Turner Broadcasting:"Stunt Gone Wrong"

Roger Kirk rogerkirk@ttlc.net
Thu Feb 1 14:36:13 EST 2007

John Mullaney wrote:
> This incident seems like an accident. I don't think Turner Broadcasting had
> any intent to cause what happened. Should they have used more sense in a
> post 911 world? Well I guess we know that now but I'm not sure that they
> would have thought of that in advance. I think if they apologize and offer
> to pay for some or all of the extra costs of this marketing stunt that the
> government officials should relax their attack. 
> However if these new reports are true that they didn't release the locations
> of all the other signs when asked is true I think that will change the
> situation dramatically.
> If it was a marketing mistake Turner should take immediate actions to
> explain that and fix it. If they decide to go silent for fear of litigation
> on the advice of counsel then I think they can expect litigation and perhaps
> license challenges. 

It is interesting to read Time-Warner's (updated) Standards of Business 
Conduct adopted last April.  I have excerpted therefrom (for scholarly 
review purposes only):
A letter from the Chairman & CEO to all T-W Colleagues.
"Wherever you work at Time Warner, these Standards should make 
unequivocal our commitment to the following broad principles:

o We respect and obey the law.
o We conduct ourselves as professionals and value diversity and merit in 
the workplace.
o Our business loyalties are to the Company and we avoid conflicts of 
interest, real or apparent, that may jeopardize this primary allegience.
o We are not false. We account for and disclose information about our 
Company honestly and in accordance with professional and legal requirements.
o We deal honestly, fairly and respectfully with each other and with our 
suppliers, customers, competitors, governmental agencies and communities.
o While our content may sometimes engender controversy, we want no one 
to question our character.
o We accept and encourage good faith questions and challenges to conduct 
that may run counter to the Standards and we will not retaliate against 
those who raise or assert them.
o We do not promulgate hollow words -  we mean these things and want our 
Company to be defined by them.

We urge all employees at all levels to embrace them and live by them.

Sounds like one or more T-W employees are not embracing and living by  them.

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