Turner Broadcasting:"Stunt Gone Wrong"

Matthew Osborne mattosborne1976@yahoo.com
Thu Feb 1 09:55:24 EST 2007

On Wed, 31 Jan 2007 16:01:57 Sid Schweiger
<sid@wrko.com> wrote:

> And if those objects have been sitting around for
> two or three weeks,
> undetected, I have to wonder if people on Turner's
> payroll were the ones
> who reported them to authorities.  Funny how they
> all came to light on
> the same day in ten different cities.

    Exactly the thought that came to my mind.  Even
with my limited background in promotions compared to
others, one of the things I was able to pick up when I
did that line of work was that a lot of things that
may seem accidental, may actually be completely
intentional.  For example - "leaks" of new songs
before they're supposed to be played where the record
companies issue "cease and desist" orders.  Although
they may seem unplanned and spur of the moment, as my
old promotions director pointed out, "Have you ever
noticed how they only seem to happen in major markets,
and that those events gets plenty of news coverage?"  
    Of course, the next thought that comes to my mind
is - what is the world of promotions coming to?  This
is now the second *seriously* boneheaded promotions
move by media outlets in as many months.  Maybe its
because I'm 30 years old (referring to a theory
someone else on the list has), but I just don't see
the humor in reporting something as a potential
explosive device just to gain publicity for your show
(which I've noticed "just so happens to be"
prominently written about in almost every news article
about this situation).  Sure, there's a chance this
was legitimately reported by concerned citizens, but
given all of the background information, quite frankly
"I ain't buying it!"  This stinks of a big publicity
stunt right from the word go.

                               Matt Osborne
                               Schenectady, NY

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