Do People Still Read The Trades?

Sun Dec 16 08:52:43 EST 2007

At 11:52 PM 12/15/2007, Don A wrote:

>Just R&R now..."Radio & Records".  Thats all I read in paper form.
>Tom Taylors column (from Radio-Info) is emailed to I don't 
>need Inside Radio anymore.
>I haven't found anyhthing in Billboard worth reading in a long time.

Gotta agree with you on Billboard.  I don't think any station I've 
worked for has subscribed to that since the early 90s.  Way too 
expensive, and what few articles and/or news that's relevant to radio 
are old news by the time they're published.  Even the charts seem to 
be a few weeks behind R&R.  The Hot 100 is essentially useless in 
these fragmented times.  About 10 years ago when station I was MD of 
did a Saturday-night mix show, I'd go to the library and photocopy 
the dance charts, but that was about it.

I haven't been in programming since 2000, but R&R seems to be about 
the only trade I still see in the PDs' offices.

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