Imus In Trouble Again?

Laurence Glavin
Sat Dec 15 10:41:35 EST 2007

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>From: "Roger Kirk" 
>Subject: Imus In Trouble Again? 
>Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 21:57:50 -0500

>Media Matters has detected a possible anti-gay slur in a recent 
>Imus show and posted the audio clip on their web site. (R&R 
>Is everyone gonna be gunning for him now?

That was minor and of no consequence...but Media Matters published a more outrageous
comment, this time by Michael Weiner (Savage), who accused the residents of New Hampshire
of being a bunch of yokels, drunkards and stamp collectors (I'm not making this up).
(The show ran December 12th and presumably was heard on WGIR-AM Manchester and WGIN-AM
930, Rochester.  That must have gone over well.)

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