Boston mag.: WTKK to go local with McPhee

Brian Vita
Tue Dec 4 23:13:13 EST 2007

Scott Fybush wrote:
> Bob Nelson wrote:
>> I think WTKK will have about 13 hours of local talk (all consecutive 
>> hours) while WRKO will have 10
>> (6 in the morning, then four hours of Howie after syndie with Rush) 
>> and WBZ has 9 hours of local talk from
>> 8 pm to 5 am (Rea, then Leveille, with Rich on Friday nights)
> Which adds up to 33 hours of local talk a day, which has got to put 
> Boston very much in the top tier of talk radio cities!
> With WABC's nearly all-syndie schedule now (Imus, Rush, Hannity, 
> Levin, etc.), and WOR as the only real talk competition in the city, 
> there's no way NYC's total adds up to anything even close, and the 
> picture in Philadelphia and DC is even more bleak. LA is worse yet.
Is it considered syndicated if it originated at the station (ie.Imus, 
Rush, Hannity, etc)?


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