Boston mag.: WTKK to go local with McPhee

Bob Nelson
Tue Dec 4 16:10:30 EST 2007

Well, more local talk _at night_ though technically they're just shifting their amount of local talk--
instead of 5:30- 9 am with Graham it's now Imus during those hours, but McPhee brings three hours
of local talk a bit later on. (No doubt her show will be useful during coverage of the MA and NH
primaries, etc. They would have gone local those nights anyway...) 

On nights when WBZ has the Bruins and there's a hot local story, the show
would come in handy.

I think WTKK will have about 13 hours of local talk (all consecutive hours) while WRKO will have 10
(6 in the morning, then four hours of Howie after syndie with Rush) and WBZ has 9 hours of local talk from
8 pm to 5 am (Rea, then Leveille, with Rich on Friday nights)

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