Gene Burns appearance on WBZ with Morgan White Jr.

Bob Nelson
Sun Aug 26 01:04:36 EDT 2007

For those who missed it, Gene Burns spent an hour with Morgan White Jr. on WBZ just now. Gene describes himself
as a libertarian--fiscal conservative, social liberal, etc. People praised him for his intelligence and

Gene talked about kind of falling into talk radio, after there was a parking lot controversy in western NY
(long story...) hired by "CBS in Boston" (WEEI 590?), and praised Dan Griffin. Without giving call
letters he referred to the station that used to have Jerry W. and David B. ('RKO)...eventually in early 90s
did syndicated show out of NY
He has temp moved to afternoons on KGO after the tragic death of the beloved Pete Wilson.

--Could Gene come to Boston? Doubtful, he says--he just signed a new three year contract in San Fran.

He mentioned the importance of local talk radio and condemned the FCC eased rules on ownership,
feeling it would produce lots of cheap-to-run nationally syndicated shows that lack the feel
and importance of LOCAL talk radio.

He agreed with fellow libertarian David Brudnoy on all but one subject: foreign policy. David felt
that war was sometimes necessary, but Gene felt it was necessary "only when we're attacked". He
said he was disappointed in Pres. Bush but does not feel he should be impeached; "it's just a waste of

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