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Sean Smyth sean.smyth@yahoo.com
Tue Aug 21 10:29:07 EDT 2007

Bill O'Neill <billo@shoreham.net> wrote:
> I am sensing that "New England regionalization" will be the next big 
> flavor or "solution" to what ails New England radio.  Call me 
> skeptical.  Coming from the Lowell area where you need a passport to
> go 
> from the Highlands over to Pawtucketville and a going away party to
> move 
> to Dracut (really) I just not so sure.

This is driven by the Sox (and much lesser extent, the Celtics) radio
rights. No more, no less. When these contracts with affiliates expire,
the Nassau stations will pick up the Sox and Celtics -- and I'm
presuming that WEEI finagles a cut of the ad revenues from these

There are other examples of regionalized sports networks out there.
Several in the south, and ESPN Florida (which is on a bunch of
rim-shotters near Florida cities) is one of them. (Terry Bowden hosts
the PM drive show.) Seeing as the WEEI local shows will focus on the
Sox and Patriots, commonalities that bond all New Englanders except
most of Fairfield County, they'll do OK.

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