New Toy Courtesy Of FCC.GOV

Laurence Glavin
Sat Aug 4 16:12:40 EDT 2007

There's been a slight change at the FCC's wbsite when you look up technical information
about FM stations.  Just to the right of the Height Above Average Terrain figure is a
click-through called "Calculate HAAT"".  This is somewhat confusing verbiage because
the average is already there, but when you run this application, it shows the expected HAAT 
over 360-degrees.  So just to check it out, I picked a station atop the Pru, WTKK 96.9.
Now if you've been to the observation deck up there, your clearest unobstructed view is
easterly, comprising the Harbor Islands, North Shore and South Shore (on a clear day you can
see Fore River).  Sure enough, WTKK's highest HAAT is 247 meters along lines of azimuth in
that direction;  to the North, it's close to WTKK's given average HAAT, about  224 - 228 meters 
(c. 735 feet).  In the direction of the Blue Hills it drops to 202 meters, and about the same 
in the direction of Wellesley Hills.  Generally, I suspect there will be only minor variations
for most outlets, with the exception of coastal stations not far from mountains (a la Camden,

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