Imus canned by MSNBC

Sean Smyth
Fri Apr 13 14:07:57 EDT 2007

Dan Strassberg <> wrote:
> Assuming no offer is forthcoming from Karmazin and Sirius (which I
> think is
> a bad assumption), CBS is likely to reinstate the show at least on
> WFAN if
> they can get assurances from advertisers that they won't pull the
> plug on
> their buys again. 

I've been thinking this all day. Notice that Imus hasn't come out with
any statements. He's probably been told, "lay low for the moment, and
we'll bring you back at some point." 

If you remember, CBS didn't "fire" Opie and Anthony, it just yanked
them off the air. They still were under contract for a year or two, and
CBS didn't let them go elsewhere. 

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