Imus canned by MSNBC

Dan Strassberg
Fri Apr 13 13:56:46 EDT 2007

Assuming no offer is forthcoming from Karmazin and Sirius (which I think is
a bad assumption), CBS is likely to reinstate the show at least on WFAN if
they can get assurances from advertisers that they won't pull the plug on
their buys again. Those assurances will depend on Imus first assuming a low
profile for at least three months. Then, Moonves (or whomever) will have to
wet his index finger and let the wind blow past it to get a sense of how
robust the billings would be on the New Contrite-Imus Show. The I-Man WILL
resurface. The only issues are when and where. The industry is not about to
let all of this incredible publicity go to waste!

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> Diedre & Charles were on WFAN, WTKK and any affiliate station that
> hadn't yet dropped the show.  The way I understand it, Mike & The Mad
> Dog will cover mornings on WFAN starting Monday and will continue to do
> so until management decides on a permanent replacement.  I wouldn't be
> too surprised to see Francesa & Russo's show stay in morning drive.
> The original plan was to have Mike Barnicle host the show while Imus
> was on suspension.  Now that the I-Man has been let go things could be
> changing.  I'm assuming Barnicle will be on mornings at WTKK at least,
> and maybe Westwood One will syndicate it to remaining affiliates for
> that two week period to give stations time to find other programming
> for that timeslot.  Just a guess.
> During the radiothon this morning, Diedre & Charles were saying that
> the totals were approaching three million dollars and by the end of the
> weekend, they could take in a record 3.5 million in donations.  And
> that's with no MSNBC this year.  It doesn't seem to me like his
> listeners--or sponsors--are abandoning the I-Man, at least in New York.
>   Maybe CBS was a bit too hasty in canceling his show altogether.
> People who aren't familiar with New York radio (which are most media
> pundits and blowhards like Sharpton & Jackson) fail to realize how much
> of an institution Don Imus is in that market.  I can understand pulling
> the plug on national syndication, but taking him off 660 could wind up
> being a big long term mistake for WFAN.
> -Dave Tomm
> "Mike Thomas"
> On Apr 13, 2007, at 11:27 AM, Bob Nelson wrote:
> > I think one of the messageboards said that Mike and the Mad Dog would
> > be on in NYC instead...
> > another post said that Imus' name, etc., was now gone (it was still on
> > there into the wee
> > hours of last night)
> >
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