Don Imus Gets 2 Week Suspension

Rick Kelly
Tue Apr 10 08:09:33 EDT 2007

On 4/9/07, Dave Doherty <> wrote:

> Normally, a suspension would be immediate, but -
> Imus is a hugely profitable entity for CBS and NBC, and extremely
> influential politically.
> Imus gets four days to decide whether to atone or fight back.
> NBC and CBS get a week to evaluate the political situation and line up
> alternate talent.
> Sharpton gets a boost by roasting Imus on his show while Imus satisfies CBS
> and NBC by atoning to Sharpton.

Imus apparently also has a Radio-Thon on Thursday and Friday that he
does annually.  This was the reason for the delay.

He was on the Today Show this AMas well.  The MSNBC-NBC-CBS marketing
machine is grinding and grinding, undoubtedly to a lot of people's
benefit - maybe even the Rutger's Women's Team.

Rick Kelly

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