Rumba: no ratings, but ad money?

Sean Smyth
Fri Apr 6 15:49:18 EDT 2007

Dan Strassberg <> wrote:
> The owner of WWZN, WSNR, KXL, the former KXL-FM (whose current calls
> I don't
> recall), and the about-to-be former owner of KMPC is Rose City Radio.
> The
> Rose City is Portland OR, home of KXL and the FM I can't name.
> Portland is
> is Paul Allen's home. Besides the radio stations, Allen also owns the
> Portland Trailblazers and one or two of Seattle's three major sports
> franchises: the Mariners, the Seahawks, and the SuperSonics. And he
> owns
> Charter Communications, the cable company, the Sporting News
> magazine/newspaper, and the Sporting News Radio Network. I imagine he
> has
> other business interests but I can't name them.
> The Portland stations, neither of which has ever been affiliated with
> SNR,
> are profitable and not for sale. WSNR is now doing brokered ethnic in
> the
> New York market and is presumably profitable although is allegedly
> for sale.
> WWZN must therefore be Allen's one remaining clearly unprofitable
> radio
> property.

Allen owns the Seahawks. He may have a stake in the Mariners. He
couldn't own the Sonics, since the NBA does not allow dual ownership. 

The Sporting News conglomerate was sold in September to Advance
Publications and the Newhouse family, publisher of numerous magazines
and newspapers (The Republican in Springfield being their only area
property). The sale *did* include the radio stations. I feel confident
in saying that Advance has little in the way of radio interests, if
any, so I'm thinking that the stations are on the block.

More on The Sporting News sale:

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