Rumba: no ratings, but ad money?

Dan Strassberg
Fri Apr 6 15:31:33 EDT 2007

800 kHz is TWICE the wavelength of 1600 kHz NOT half. l=c/f where l =
wavelength in meters, c = the speed of light (299.8*10^6 m/sec) and f is the
frequency in Hz. If you double the frequency, you halve the wavelength.

The owner of WWZN, WSNR, KXL, the former KXL-FM (whose current calls I don't
recall), and the about-to-be former owner of KMPC is Rose City Radio. The
Rose City is Portland OR, home of KXL and the FM I can't name. Portland is
is Paul Allen's home. Besides the radio stations, Allen also owns the
Portland Trailblazers and one or two of Seattle's three major sports
franchises: the Mariners, the Seahawks, and the SuperSonics. And he owns
Charter Communications, the cable company, the Sporting News
magazine/newspaper, and the Sporting News Radio Network. I imagine he has
other business interests but I can't name them.

The Portland stations, neither of which has ever been affiliated with SNR,
are profitable and not for sale. WSNR is now doing brokered ethnic in the
New York market and is presumably profitable although is allegedly for sale.
WWZN must therefore be Allen's one remaining clearly unprofitable radio


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> > It was noted that in the latest 12 plus ratings, Rumba 1200 y
> > 1430 didn't show up at all.
> >Are the ratings books sent out in English only? It my be that Spanish
> >speaking people are de-facto excluded from the ratings surveys.
> >Larry Weil
> >Lake Wobegone, NH
> Two ethic outlets DID show up in the ratings:  WUNR-AM 1600 COL Brookline
> and WNNW-AM 800 (1/2 the wavelength of the former) COL Lawrence.  WUNR has
> some programs in Creole French, WNNW is almost all Spanish...the only
> exception: commercials in English!  I think it's a bit strange that
> 1330 COL Waltham doesn't appear on the list;  it has a solid signal over
> the urban area it serves.  It's owned by a conglomerate,
> Beasley Broadcasting, that owns mainstream outlets elsewhere.  Do
> you think it might do better than WXKS-AM/WKOX did if they picked up
> progressive talk?
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