And from Cape Cod.....

Paul B. Currier
Tue Sep 26 17:29:46 EDT 2006

Huh?  What has an accident (unpredictable) to do with an election (quite
well known in advance)????


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> article in Monday's CCTimes about the discouraging lack of local
>coverage by our radio stations. I couldn't find the article on
>capecodonline but have it. An excerpt:

>"Politicos and constituents alike were disappointed Tuesday night if they
>turned to local radio stations for primary election results. No station
>carried them."

Ok, cue the harp-glissando sound-effect:

Remember the controvery about a year-and-a-half ago when there
was a train derailment in Minot, ND and no station there was
broadcasting locally at the time to deliver the news that some
toxic material may have been emitted?  'Twas ever thus...or since
the Telecommunications act.



Cape Cod

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