Delays on live coverage

David Tomm
Mon Sep 25 03:02:20 EDT 2006

It's not just HD that causes delays.  Where I am, I can listen to Red 
Sox day games on three different stations, WEEI, WTAG and WEEI-FM.  All 
of them have different length delays.
Unlike HD, these are regular delays added so that the producer can edit 
out any profanity before it hit's the air.  WEEI-FM has the shortest--a 
couple of seconds--while it's simulcast partner WEEI has an 8 second 
delay.  WTAG varies.  If they shut it off when switching to the Sox 
from regular programming, it's only a second or so.  If they leave it 
on, it's more like 6 to 7 seconds.   Add in HD to all this and it makes 
it virtually impossible to sync up radio programming to TV.  Plus, 
after the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident, doesn't TV stations have 
their own delays as well?

Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas"

On Sep 24, 2006, at 9:53 PM, John Francini wrote:

> What, all 100 of them?
> No, seriously -- what is the penetration of HD Radio at the moment? I 
> would think that until HD radio has significant market penetration -- 
> like even 5% of all radios in a market -- the 95% who still pay the 
> bills by listening on analog should get consideration over the 
> minuscule HD minority.
> Pardon me while I remain underwhelmed.  Why does HD radio need 8 
> seconds of delay when HD TV (how I'm watching the Patriots game as I 
> write this) has either no appreciable delay or a much smaller delay?
> john
> At 20:51 -0400 9/24/06, John Mullaney wrote:
>> That would be a good way to get you thrown out of the HD alliance. 
>> And what
>> about all the customers in HD?
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>> The 8 second delay on WBCN is because of HD Radio. You'd think they 
>> would
>> turn it off during the game, like it's been reported that WFAN and 
>> WCBS do
>> during daytime Mets/Yankees games.
>> Jeff Lehmann
>> Hanson, MA
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