Delays on live coverage

John Francini
Sun Sep 24 21:53:13 EDT 2006

What, all 100 of them?

No, seriously -- what is the penetration of HD Radio at the moment? 
I would think that until HD radio has significant market penetration 
-- like even 5% of all radios in a market -- the 95% who still pay 
the bills by listening on analog should get consideration over the 
minuscule HD minority.

Pardon me while I remain underwhelmed.  Why does HD radio need 8 
seconds of delay when HD TV (how I'm watching the Patriots game as I 
write this) has either no appreciable delay or a much smaller delay?


At 20:51 -0400 9/24/06, John Mullaney wrote:
>That would be a good way to get you thrown out of the HD alliance. And what
>about all the customers in HD? 
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>The 8 second delay on WBCN is because of HD Radio. You'd think they would
>turn it off during the game, like it's been reported that WFAN and WCBS do
>during daytime Mets/Yankees games.
>Jeff Lehmann
>Hanson, MA

John Francini,

"The journey is more important than the destination-that's part of 
life. If you only live for getting to the end, you're almost always 
disappointed."     -Donald Knuth

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