credit where credit is due

Laurence Glavin
Sun Sep 24 13:46:44 EDT 2006

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>AFAIK, in that market they have been on weak signals, keep 
>switching stations, some of them daytimers, etc.. I'de be 
>surprised if many people even know where to find them on the dial. 
>Have they done any advertising, or do they just expect people (many 
>of whom don't even consider AM) to find them while tuning around?

>Regardless of the potential audience, there still needs to be 
>marketing and a good, consistent signal.

>Larry Weil
>Lake Wobegone, NH

This point not only pertains to AAR's success or lack thereof...
check the DCRTV link on;  the local NFL football team's games
have been placed by the team owner on two suburban FM rimshotters and
a local AM with nighttime flea power.  However he made his fortune,
this owner didn't acquaint himself with the realities of radio
(not the first one to do so).  Here is programming that comes
with a huge built-in audience,but people there are apparently
giving up on the idea of Redskins games on the radio.

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