Alex Beam Writes Column re NPR's Burger Money

Laurence Glavin
Wed Sep 20 16:20:38 EDT 2006

The Boston Globe employs a columnist named Alex Beam who began his career on Morrissey
Blvd on the Business Page.  Later he moved to the paper's Living section (obits occasionally
show up in that section toward the back...wouldn't that make it the Living & Dead section?)
whereupon he began opining on a wide variety of subjects.  Today, he weighed in on the
Kroc bequest to NPR, and you can read all about it at:


Last year the New York Times ran a major piece about FM's in the non-comm band
being ousted by "religious" interests because the aforementioned outlets were run
on a shoestring, and didn't even provide wide-area coverage of their markets.  I
hope some of this moolah went to such stations, making it possible to 
meet NPR standards of coverage and audience participation.

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