WILD AM&FM Underwriting Messages Still On Tavis Smiley Show

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Wed Sep 6 23:43:47 EDT 2006

Anybody know what Mrs. Nash is doing these days, and if she'd have any 
interest in taking the AM back, probably for a lot less than R1 paid her 
a few years ago?


David Tomm wrote:
> I'm sure Radio One would do that, if they actually cared anymore.  With 
> the sale of the FM, R1 is pretty much done doing business in Boston.  
> They flipped the format of the AM simply to prep for it's eventual 
> sale.  Most of the staff at Radio One/Boston have already been let go.  
> They may not even have a sales staff anymore.  Underwriting 
> announcements on public television isn't anywhere on their radar 
> screen.  They're too busy seeking out potential buyers for 1090 so they 
> can get out of this market.
> Dave Tomm
> "Mike Thomas"
> On Sep 6, 2006, at 5:58 PM, Laurence Glavin wrote:
>> Last week I mentioned that by pure happenstance (is there ever any 
>> soiled happenstance?)
>> I observed the opening of The Tavis Smiley Show on WGBX-TV, wherein an 
>> underwriting
>> message for WILD-FM appeared.  It used the slogan that WILD-FM used in 
>> the recent past
>> BEFORE the WAAF handoff;  later, at the conclusion of the Tavis :) 
>> show, WGBX-TV
>> ran an underwriting message by WILD-AM, News-Talk 1090 (no more!).
>> That was in late August just a few days after the switcheroo...so I once
>> again taped the intros and outros of the Tavis :) airings first on 
>> and then again on WGBH-TV.  The messages are still there, only a promo 
>> for WILD-AM
>> leads, and one for WILD-FM closes the presentation.  So in a new 
>> month, the
>> underwriting messages are still there and have not been altered to 
>> reflect
>> the new reality.  If anyone at WILD-AM is on the ball, and if a 
>> contract to
>> keep WILD promos on the air is still in effect, they should quickly 
>> write new
>> ones for WILD-AM alone.
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