NERW Lead Story 9/4/06

Scott Fybush
Wed Sep 6 09:30:06 EDT 2006

David Tomm wrote:
> This website was up late last week as the stunting began on 107.3.  
> Someone at CC/Rochester obviously messed up and put it online too soon. 
>  They quickly took it offline and started posting all of the "poetry" 
> that Scott mentioned (that mentioned Scott!)
> It looks like they are finally ready to launch the station, even though 
> they are still in stunt mode.  My guess is they'll flip the switch 
> sometime tomorrow (Wednesday.)

Noon, to be precise.

Given how cheaply a URL can be registered, and how quickly a 
plausible-looking website can be constructed using a basic corporate 
template, it's become really easy to create "smokescreen" websites that 
just "happen" to be discovered by "accident" in the midst of a 
format-flip stunt. I still maintain that that's probably what "Snap" 
was/is - but we'll see for sure in a few hours...


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