Norm Nathan, 1926-1996

Michael E
Mon Oct 30 09:03:47 EST 2006

Norm Nathan was a blast to work with.  I was running the board  overnights 
at 'BZ in the early 90's.  Working with Norm was just plain fun.  Calling 
phone booths around the planet, hoping someone would pick up,  playing the 
Dumb Birthday Game with his producer Tony, Jack Harte on traffic, and the 
"orchesta."  it was easy to forget you were working in the middle of the 
night.  Radio with Norm was just plain fun.
Norm's passing hit many of us like a ton of bricks.  The man with the body 
of well-tempered steel, he was too young!  He was just a kid, for cryin' out 
It's great to see (and hear) how Jordan Rich has taken Norm's weekend 
overnight show and kept the spirit of entertaining overnight radio alive and 

- Michael Epstein

>From: "Peter Q. George" <>
>To: SteveOrdinetz <>,        
>Subject: Re: Norm Nathan, 1926-1996
>Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 04:00:12 -0800 (PST)
>Oh, yes.... Norm did "the rounds" in Boston radio.  In
>addition to his days at the old WHDH (AM 850/FM 94.5),
>Norm also worked at WCVB-TV, WBMS/WHEE (now WILD), All
>News WEEI (590), WRKO (and there might a few more
>here) and finally at WBZ.  It was truly an honor to
>meet Norm while doing a taping of WJIB's "Let's Talk
>About Radio" (with our fellow radio enthusiasts Scott
>Fybush, Bob Bittner and crew) .  He was very friendly,
>down-to-earth and truly a gentleman in EVERY sense of
>the word.  They definitely don't make many of them
>like that, anymore... (sigh).
>--- SteveOrdinetz <> wrote:
> > At 04:15 PM 10/29/2006, Scott Fybush wrote:
> > >The only thing I'd add in 2006 is that I'm proud of
> > my alma mater
> > >for keeping Norm's old timeslot live, local and in
> > the same light
> > >spirit with which Norm conducted his show. I know
> > he'd be proud of
> > >what Steve Leveille and Jordan Rich are doing all
> > night long on 1030.
> >
> >
> > I didn't realize Norm worked at WBZ...I always
> > associate him with
> > overnights on the old WHDH.
> >
> >
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