Norm Nathan, 1926-1996

Dan Strassberg
Mon Oct 30 14:29:55 EST 2006

And I guess I should have known better than to question Scott. Norm was a
little less than two months shy of 71 when he died. No way to stretch that
into mid-seventies. Norm was predeceased by several years by his wife,
Norma, the Boston Herald columnist. Anyone know how their two daughters
(Sarah and Sonya, I think) are doing and what they are doing? I believe one
is a journalist--but I don't know which one, nor do I know which young woman
is the older or any of that stuff.

Now here's a great Boston Radio-by-marriage trivia question: Anyone remember
Norma Nathan's alma mater? Norm mentioned it often enough on the air. I only
THINK I know--and I'm not sure. Was it Smith College in Mass, William Smith
College in Geneva NY, or someplace else?

Dan Strassberg,
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> Donna Halper wrote:
> > At 10:47 AM 10/30/2006, Scott Fybush wrote:
> >>> I am a little skeptical about the year of Norm's birth (1926)
> >>> mentioned in
> >>> Scott's posting. I think Norm was in his mid-seventies at the time of
> >>> his
> >>> death in 1996. That would mean he was born around 1921. (Donna?
> >>> again...)
> >
> > The Massachusetts Death Index gives his date of birth as 20 December
> > 1925.  That is also the date used for the Social Security Death Index.
> >
> And once more, we all bow towards Quincy and hail Auntie Donna's
> bottomless store of knowledge! :-)
> s

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