HD Radio Boston Area

Ken VanTassell kenwvt@gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 17:36:37 EDT 2006

    Don't get me wrong, I am happy with my purchase. The HD1 channels
sound great and switch to analog without any distraction. My question
was more of a technical nature as to why the HD portion is so much
weaker than the analog. A 30 mile radius seems a bit skimpy. When I'm
in a good signal area it is nice to have the additional commercial
free (for now) HD2 channels as well.
   This new radio also plays mp3/wma discs has a direct cable
connection for my mp3 player etc so I am pleased with it.


On 10/12/06, Stephanie Weil <stephanie@gordsven.com> wrote:
> On Thu, October 12, 2006 15:24, Dan Strassberg wrote:
> ) Can you force the radio into analog mode
> > and lock it into that mode? If so, I guess $200 for a decent car radio is
> > an
> > OK price--particularly if it included installation.
> Or you can always go back to the seller, demand your money back and get a
> normal analog radio for a half -- if not a third -- of the price.
> --
> Stephanie Weil
> New York City, NY, USA

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