WKZE-AM Mystery Solved (Maybe)

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Thu Oct 12 15:12:36 EDT 2006

The Air America affiliate in "Cleveland" is licensed to Akron. I think the
current station, on 1350, puts a usable signal into Cleveland, even at
night. However before AAR picked up the 1350 station, the affiliate was a
station with lower power somewhere in the 1500s, but also licensed to Akron
(or maybe to Canton, which is a good deal further from Cleveland than Akron
is). Anyhow, the idea that that station serves Cleveland is about as
far-fetched as WGAW being the Boston affiliate for some syndicated program.
(Somebody uncovered that one a year or two ago and it created quite a stir
at Radio-Info.com.) So it would not surprise me to see AAR calling a station
in Sharon CT that is hardly ever on the air the Poughkeepsie AAR affiliate.
The situation would not be unique.

BTW, the former AAR "Cleveland" affiliate was purchased by an evangelical
Christian group and flipped to religion. AAR was really lucky to be able to
sign up the 1350 station, which can be received in Cleveland on many radios
(as opposed to being audible only on communications receivers that are
almost exclusively the property of DXers). I don't know how much of a
problem the Akron 1350 has with 1330 in the Cleveland suburb of Willoughby,

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> On  a weekend trip to western Mass, upstate NY and part of CT, I noticed
> that WKZE-AM 1020 COL Sharon, CT was missing.  I also posted this
> observation at the Albany market board of radio-info.com
> and a reader mentioned that WKZE-AM's on-air appearances are indeed
> sporadic. One interesting fact:  it's listed as the Air America Radio
> affiliate for Poughkeepsie, NY.  I believe the tower is just over the
> state line in the town of North East, NY, but even at full power, I
> the signal would be weak in Poughkeepsie.  According to the radio-info.com
> replier, WKZE AM&FM were sold some time ago, and WKZE-AM has not been
> all that assiduous about follwing FCC rules!
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