Another delay story?

A. Joseph Ross
Thu Oct 12 00:23:45 EDT 2006

On 10 Oct 2006 at 13:30, Stephanie Weil wrote:

> I have digital cable at home.  The picture quality is NASTY. All
> pixillated.  Some services more than others, but you can definitely
> notice it.   Of course the sports services get the best bandwith I
> think.
> I'm surprised people aren't raising cain over this.  What with all
> this "digital crystal clear pictures" and what not.
I don't know, but I got changed over from an analog to a digital box 
a few weeks ago, and I do see a great improvement in my picture 
quality, and I don't see the pixilated pictures you are talking 

So why aren't YOU complaining and insisting on a better picture?  Or 
are you?

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