Another delay story?

Aaron Read
Tue Oct 10 11:30:24 EDT 2006

It's even worse than that, Scott!!

In my apartment, we have two TV' in the home office, one in the 
living room.  Both are on Comcast.  The living room is their newer 
digital DVR (Digital Video Recorder...aka TiVo) cable box, the home 
office is the regular digital non-DVR cable box.  Both boxes are 
"getting" the same channel plan: Digital Plus Silver.

Yet the non-DVR box in the home office consistently is delayed about two 
seconds more than the DVR box is.

I was doing work around the house this weekend and listening to Comedy 
Central and I could hear the start of the joke in the office, walk 
around to the living room, and hear the rest...without missing any 
actual words of the joke.

I've also noticed that NESN delays the Red Sox TV signal by several 
seconds more than WEEI delays their Sox radio signal.  And WEEI *is* on 
a delay of the very least they've got a delay in whatever 
they're using to get the signal from the ballpark back to the studios. 
ISDN, I'd imagine (at least for the road games) which has about a 0.25 
to 0.5 second delay.

Oddly enough, I don't remember noticing any significant difference in 
delay between WEEI 850AM and WBOQ 104.9FM.  Or WEEI 103.7FM for that 
matter (I could just barely pick them up cleanly at my house on Corey 
Hill in Brookline).

More obnoxiously, WBCN delays their FM coverage of the Patriots by 
several seconds MORE than whoever's got the TV coverage.  I like it 
better the other way...I can listen to the radio, and when I hear a 
commotion I hustle to the TV so I can see it.  :-)


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