Another delay story?

John Mullaney
Tue Oct 10 12:27:44 EDT 2006

As Comcast keeps adding more HDTV channels to their system (And they have
more than any other cable system) they have to keep squeezing the bandwidth
of the other channels or start dropping them. They have dropped a few but
they have also increased the digital compression of the regular digital
channels. The newer digital boxes can handle it pretty well but I notice the
older ones have more trouble with it. This increased digital compression
adds more delay. This really isn't their fault and it's a shame that when
the current HDTV standards where being developed that CableTV was pretty
much shut out the process. But it's going to get worse as more goes HD.

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Comcast might be the only local cable system doing this.  Friend of mine in
Falmouth one night was telling me what Letterman was going to say a few
seconds before he said it, suggesting that Adelphia Cable does not have a
similar delay.

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>Subject: Another delay story?
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>I've been using a small TV in my study, getting the Channel 7 news off 
>the air, but I left the TV on in another room, tuned to Channel 7 on 
>cable.  And I discovered that Comcast has a delay of about 7 seconds 
>from the off-air signal.  I understand stations having a delay for live 
>programming, in order to protect themselves against Janet Jackson's 
>breast, but why does Comcast have a delay from air signals?
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