Another delay story?

Michael E
Tue Oct 10 08:12:54 EDT 2006

Comcast might be the only local cable system doing this.  Friend of mine in 
Falmouth one night was telling me what Letterman was going to say a few 
seconds before he said it, suggesting that Adelphia Cable does not have a 
similar delay.

>From: "A. Joseph Ross" <>
>Subject: Another delay story?
>Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2006 23:33:59 -0400
>I've been using a small TV in my study, getting the Channel 7 news
>off the air, but I left the TV on in another room, tuned to Channel 7
>on cable.  And I discovered that Comcast has a delay of about 7
>seconds from the off-air signal.  I understand stations having a
>delay for live programming, in order to protect themselves against
>Janet Jackson's breast, but why does Comcast have a delay from air
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