WITS/Red Sox

PeterH5322 peterh5322@rattlebrain.com
Thu Oct 5 19:19:28 EDT 2006

>Historically, the situation with Boston vs Nashville on 1510 had only one or
>two counterparts in the entire US--the Class A station protects a Class B
>because the station of lower class (Boston) predates the Class A
>(Nashville). (Another example: KIRO protects KSPN; that MIGHT be the only
>other historical example.)

710 (ex-KMPC) and 1510 (ex-WMEX) are the only domestic examples of a 
Class B (then, a Class II-B) receiving night protection from a Class A.

1060, 1140 and 1520 are examples where a Class A implicitly provides day 
protection to a Class B, by reason of its DA-1 operation, but other than 
the 1060 (Phila)/1050 (NYC) case, I do not believe this protection was by 

If KYW wasn't DA-1, then 1050 in NYC wouldn't be possible; and if 1050 
wasn't DA-1, then 1060 wouldn't be possible.

By NARBA, the two 48-state Class II-Bs on the then new Mexican Class I-A 
clears 1050 and 1220 HAD to operate 50 kW DA-1, not DA-N or DA-2. (ND 
operation for proof purposes was allowed, at 5 kW, at least for the 1220 

I suppose now the point is moot as NARBA has been scuttled in favor of 

Imagine the ratcheting issues that 1050 and 1220 would have to deal with, 
should they desire to operate with a different day pattern.

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