And from Cape Cod.....

Dan Strassberg
Tue Oct 3 15:06:54 EDT 2006

>From what I hear of the ratings, although "some" people may not think of
WBUR as "real," the number of such people must be minuscule. As I understand
it, WBUR, though a news/talk as opposed to an all news station (as is WBZ
during the day), is neck and neck with WBZ in listenership--at least in the
dayparts when both stations broadcast news. That may be less true when WBUR
is broadcasting BBC news than when WBUR broadcasts Morning Edition or all
Things Considered with local cut-ins. Also, when WBUR sells underwriting
credits, the fact that its listeners are willing to pay to have the station
on the air must be a powerful tool when the advertiser must decide how to
allocate its budget between commercial and public stations.

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> > > I spent several hours at Deb Goldberg's election night party, but
> > > both before and after, I was listening to WBUR.  They definitely were
> > > carrying the election results and doing a good job of it, too.
> I think we are coming up against the idea that many people (not me!) don't
> think of WBUR as a 'real' radio station.
> Some people (even talkradio and news junkies) would never think to go to

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