Bye Bye Boston's Progressive Talk?

David Tomm
Wed Nov 29 19:44:13 EST 2006

That's true in Boston, but of course Kiss 108 and Jam'n 94.5 don't need 
a lot of promotion.  Major events like the Kiss Concert, Jingle Ball 
and the various WJMN concerts keep those stations top of mind with 
their target audiences.   But in other markets that's not the case.

Out here in Central Mass, one doesn't have to drive around too far 
before running into a billboard for WSRS.  I'm in Philadelphia 
frequently and the CC stations there are the most visable.  They do 
billboards, buscards, taxi tops, even bus stops.  I see more marketing 
for WDAS-FM  than I do for any other station there.  They even do TV!

CC/Boston simply didn't put the money into properly marketing 
WKOX/WXKS.  A few taxi tops and a handful of ads in the Phoenix doesn't 
cut it.   Despite the all syndie lineup, horrendous signals and lack of 
promotion, the stations at least placed in the book 
regularly--sometimes even approaching a one share.  Stations like WTTT, 
WBIX, WMKI, heck even WAMG can't say that.  And unlike other stations 
with similar ratings, from what I've heard, the demographic breakdowns 
were much better for 1200 & 1430.  If they could have stuck it out 
until the upgrade to WKOX was complete, put on a local morning show and 
properly marketed it, they could have had a solid two share station 
that would have brought in respectable revenue.  That's about all you 
could have expected from those signals and CC let that opportunity get 

The changes with Clear Channel is what's driving this move.  My guess 
is they are prepping the AM's to be sold.   They're not going to make 
any real revenue being the fourth conservatalker in town or doing 
brokered ethnic.

Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas"

On Nov 29, 2006, at 7:15 PM, Tim wrote:

> <Subject: Bye Bye Boston's Progressive Talk?
>> >Clear Channel did virtually nothing to promote the format.>
> But, in all fairness...Clear Channel does very, very little mass-media 
> promotion of most of their stations.

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